Space without connection is meaningless. Connection to nature, connection to culture, connection to the past and future. All these connections tie spaces we design into the larger world and give them life, a purpose.

Calvin Stuka

Intern Architect,
Intern Architect, AAA
  • Calgary

Calvin is a highly experienced architect with a unique background in animal care. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Biology from the University of Alberta and almost 15 years of experience working as a zookeeper at the Edmonton Valley Zoo and the Calgary Zoo, Calvin’s passion for sustainable design is fueled by his love for the natural world. Calvin graduated from the University of Calgary’s Master of Architecture program in 2021 and specializes in organic and Japanese architecture. His design approach prioritizes the building users’ overall experience and connection to the surrounding environment beyond traditional walls and ceilings. Calvin’s extensive portfolio includes a diverse range of architecture types such as multi-family, mixed-use residential, commercial office space, and large institutional buildings. He brings a unique perspective to every project, ensuring a balance of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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