I believe that a great design is one thing, but if that design is grounded within its context, meets the aspirations of the client, the budget and the project scope, the result can become something truly celebrated.

Jeff Lyness

Architect, AAA, OAA, MRAIC
  • Calgary

Jeff has dedicated his 20+ year professional practice to creating architectural and urban design projects that instill a sense of place and belonging for their occupants and users. He believes that transformational design can only be achieved through a collaborative process that balances the needs of all stakeholders. Throughout his career, Jeff has worked on complex projects with diverse stakeholders, including affordable housing projects and collaborations with nonprofit organizations. His leadership skills and unwavering commitment to client service have been instrumental in the successful completion of numerous large-scale projects. Jeff understands the importance of empathy in design and strives to incorporate the social, economic, environmental, and cultural context of each project into the built form. He believes that a design that integrates the context of the project can result in an experience that is beautiful and memorable for all those who come into contact with it.

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Jeff Lyness

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