The most rewarding thing is seeing how people interact within a space I’ve designed. Successful design is for the end-user. It’s not just finishes, it’s an overall experience.

Brittany Alamag

Senior Interior Designer
  • Calgary

Meet Brittany, a native Calgarian and first-generation Filipino-Canadian who’s been an interior designer since 2012. She boasts an impressive portfolio that includes a wide range of projects from high-end residential to commercial and hospitality. As a child, Brittany was already fascinated with the intricacies of environments and how they affect people’s moods. Her passion for design was sparked by family members who were practicing architects, and she has since become a seasoned designer herself. One of Brittany’s design principles is to ensure that her finished product exudes comfort, thoughtfulness, and encourages people to enjoy spending time indoors. As a senior designer, Brittany has led her team in conceptual design, construction, and procurement installation to bring projects to fruition. With her vast experience, Brittany can turn any space into a visually stunning and functional environment that exceeds client expectations.

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Brittany Alamag

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