Interior Design

At METAFOR the ideas come first. We are experience makers creating design solutions that are responsive, engaging, inspiring, and sustainable because we design environments that connect people, places and spaces.

The METAFOR team works collaboratively to expose the design potential of a space in a meaningful and intentional way.

Our talented team of designers focus their efforts on providing carefully curated and artfully designed interior spaces.
We take a purposeful approach to design, giving meaning and form to spaces that foster connectivity and a thoughtful sense of place.

Our unique integrated approach brings together interior designers, architects, and sustainability experts to create spaces that excite, inspire, enrich, and heal.

Delivering a people-first, one size does not fit all design vision, our spaces deliver unique and memorable experiences that add intrinsic value to social well-being where inclusivity, diversity, and community is fostered and thrives.

For METAFOR, we know the best designs come from the collective minds of both our clients and our Interior Designers. We listen and engage in meaningful collaboration, infusing ourselves in our client’s culture, mission, values, and goals.

At METAFOR, we see every project as distinctive and in our role as loyal stewards, we are committed to infusing sustainable materials and programs into our designs, resulting in healthier and more resilient environments.

Specialized services include:
  • Feasibility and Concept Planning
  • Functional Programming
  • Corporate Branding
  • Workplace Standards
  • Furniture and Fixture Selection
  • Post Occupancy Assessment
Our commitment to make tomorrow better than today ensures we emphasize thoughtful and connective placemaking and the belief that together, we can create engaging gathering spaces where we can connect, share stories, and build experience-rich memories – resulting in spaces that celebrate the vibrancy and unique character, and culture of the environment and its users.
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    We use the power of design to enhance the human experience with a perfectly balanced fusion between a meaningful space and an experience-rich escape.