At METAFOR we approach each project as a partnership — with our clients and the community

Our studio was founded on the principles of collaboration, innovation, and purpose-driven solutions.

Armed with this philosophy, we are making tomorrow better than today through the power of design.
Block 40 Adaptive Re-Use

Problem solvers by nature, we are purposeful and intentionally curious.

We have developed proven processes that ensure consistent and quality deliverables for our clients, while ensuring a consistently high-level of design excellence. Through our integration of disciplines, diligence and an acute attention to detail, we strive for unique solutions tailored to our client’s requirements and vision for the project.
We begin by listening intensively, exploring, and advancing their aspirations, infusing it with an authentic sense of place derived from the environment, cultural ecosystem, and broader needs of the surrounding community.

As architects, we know that any successful project is a result of teamwork and collaboration with all involved, client, consultants, governing bodies, municipal authorities, the contractor, and the community. We are inclusive in our collaborative imagining and consensus-building while translating this insight into designs that provide individual targeted solutions that results in strong consensus, maximizing success.

In the end, our comprehensive, thoughtful, and collaborative approach enables us to surpass expectations, while constantly demonstrating stewardship that builds equitable and thriving social constructs and communities through thoughtful and human-centric design.


In an ever-changing world of increasing challenges in the way we live and work, METAFOR is a voice for innovative design thinking and environmental leadership.

Ultimately, our goal is to design buildings that add vitality to streets, communities, landscapes, and skylines.
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METAFOR brings a diverse range of expertise and understanding in delivering Bridging Consultant Services for Design Build and P3 projects.

Our process keeps the team informed and we build consensus with stakeholders so they are confident they will end up with a quality project that meets current and long-term needs.

A key aspect of our service offering is to help manage and guide stakeholders (information and document control) so we can verify functional program information, operational procedures and how best to communicated required technical requirements while also providing flexibility for proponent teams to apply innovative approaches to building design and constructability.
Service offerings include:
  • Site analysis and site programming.
  • Verification and document building functional program requirements.
  • Define and prepare operational requirements and performance specifications.
  • Develop a clear reference design highlighting site requirements as well as building material and quality expectations.
  • Assist in the preparation of final contract including risk transfer and mitigation requirements.
  • Participation in proponent review meetings.
  • Assistance with bid analysis.
  • Completion of construction compliance reviews.
  • Assistance with close-out procedures.
Calgary Cancer Centre

Our goal is to focus on building strong relationships with the stakeholders based on trust and knowledge.

Through all stages of project development and execution, our goal is to focus on building strong relationships with the stakeholders based on trust and the knowledge that the Reference Design and Performance Specifications will meet user group requirements, while respecting budget parameters, and to ensure the Design Build or P3 team deliver a successful project.
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