As a ‘human’ centric studio, METAFOR believes in the power of community and doing what’s right.
Who We Are

We are committed to a collaborative and unique approach to design thinking through our integration of disciplines.

Making tomorrow better than today through human centric designs that respond to economic conditions, climate and cultural diversity in urban and rural settings.
We are accomplished in a variety of sectors and project types ranging in size and complexity. We have a proven track record working in a variety of landscapes, whether it be Provincial and National Parks, Indigenous Lands, or urban settings in municipalities across western Canada.
METAFOR community building futures
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    As a ‘human’ centric focused studio, METAFOR believes in the power of community and doing what’s right.

    Bound by a common purpose, we infuse our core values into everything we do.

    Our convictions are the inspiration behind how we do business, treat one another and support the communities in which we operate. We proudly embrace our role in helping the communities where we work and live. Our work reflects the value we put on placemaking and creating engaging gathering places that bring people together and keep them connected.

    We want the work to be a reflection of who we are, who we work with and the communities we live in.

    We believe in guiding inspired solutions that are centered on social wellness, diversity, and inclusivity. We know that these are the cornerstones that connect us all and shape the fabric of our communities. Inspired and purposeful design can restore our sense of belonging — to one another, to nature, to our community, and to ourselves.


    Our Core Values

    At METAFOR, we focus on designing vibrant, transformative places that enhance human connection and engagement that is meant to spark creativity, collaboration, and motivation for people to do their best work and live their best lives.
    Together with our clients, we work in partnership to design engaging places that strengthen community pride and spirit – resulting in spaces and destinations that celebrate the collective vibrancy and unique character, culture, and diversity of each community, town, and city we work and live in.

    Humbly Confident

    Our team is progressive, passionate, and ambitious. We celebrate diversity of thought, and we empower our people for what they bring, their knowledge, perspective and experience.
    • WE care about working with genuine, authentic and honest people
    • WE are hardworking and deliberate
    • WE are the best firm everyone should know about

    Intentionally Curious

    We have industry leading talent with a passion for continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
    • WE care about learning
    • WE are forward thinkers and active listeners
    • WE are thorough, we investigate and implement well

    Loyal Stewards

    Beyond delivering exceptional projects within the industry, we have an innate desire to make an impact and change the lives of the communities that we operate within. If you are passionate about contributing to a greater purpose, within the work you do, METAFOR is the opportunity.
    • WE care about our profession
    • WE are committed to communities where we work and live
    • WE share knowledge openly


    At METAFOR, work-life harmony is a commitment. When our people have balance and time for activities that they love, they can bring the best versions of themselves when at work!
    • WE care about the experience
    • WE are trusted
    • WE do things worth doing
    Office Collab

    At METAFOR, we know that our greatest strength is found in the contributions of our people

    From the moment you become part of our diverse and talented team, your opinion matters – and each day, your expertise, ideas, and input will be engaged to create the best possible culture and results for our clients. This is the key to our shared success and how we operate every single day: a fulfilling workplace of new, exciting, and innovative projects and practices that make each day unique, and that help shape our communities, cities, and towns — collaboratively, creatively, and responsibly.
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