Designing with purpose and passion, I believe in the power of diverse perspectives and integrated processes to shape a brighter, more sustainable future. For me, ecological design is the essence of design excellence.

Bushra Hashim

Adaptive Design Specialist
Intern Architect, AAA
  • Calgary

Bushra is an Intern Architect, AAA with over seven years of diverse experience in inclusive design, strategic communications, and accessibility consulting. A published author, speaker, and educator, she has collaborated with organizations like the Rick Hansen Foundation to deliver neurodiversity training, design, and consulting services across various sectors, including policy, municipal planning, and occupational therapy. Bushra is passionate about the design of mind-friendly environments and advocates for experientially equitable spaces through an evidence-based, strengths-focused, and person-centred approach. 

With a Bachelor of Urban Studies and a Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary, her thesis research in her Master of Environmental Design integrates lived experience with neuroarchitecture to explore the relationship between neurodiversity and the built environment. In 2023, Bushra designed and delivered Canada’s first graduate-level course on Neurodiversity and Design with continued success. She is also a member of the RHFAC Technical Subcommittee, Accessibility Professional Network, and volunteers with charity Neurodiversity in Business as their subject-matter expert on mind-friendly environments. 

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