I believe that efficiency and an effective workplace starts with your environment. Being surrounded by individuals who value this and encourage it, is just icing on the cake.

Claire Mala

Office Coordinator
  • Calgary

Claire graduated at SAIT with a Diploma in Business Administration – Management. Since then, she has applied and practiced her knowledge in various industries that expanded her interest in topics such as human resources, procurement, and payroll and scheduling. Claire found that making daily tasks easier for those around her was one of her favorite ways to contribute to seamless interactions within their network. She is extremely self-motivated with years of experience in management and leadership. Claire’s work experience in many different businesses has drastically enhanced many of her skills regarding organization, communication, and attention to detail. Assisting in creating and maintaining positive environments in her work areas has always been a priority and a necessity in establishing a productive and happy team that drives results that make a huge impact at METAFOR.

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Claire Mala

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