Kevin Kretchmer
Technology is an essential part of delivering our services and I enjoy designing solutions, resolving issues, and leveraging technology to enhance the design process for our amazing team.

Kevin Kretchmer

Associate - IS Manager
  • Calgary

Kevin is the IS Manager at METAFOR, where he brings his extensive experience in designing, testing, implementing, and managing information systems to improve efficiency, productivity, and the work environment. He is dedicated to staying current with the latest trends and advancements in integrated design, BIM workflows, and technology, in order to provide the best possible solutions for the firm and its stakeholders. Kevin works closely with employees, vendors, and consultants to ensure the smooth installation and configuration of hardware and software, as well as to develop and implement procedures for data management and security. His commitment to providing comprehensive training and resources to all employees ensures that the firm’s information systems are used to their fullest potential.

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Kevin Kretchmer

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