Clifton House

Clifton House includes 175 residences of supportive living and long-term care for seniors, memory care residents, and the KINDD Program for adults with delayed developmental challenges. The development also boasts the only adult day programs in the city of Calgary.
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Project Details

The design concept for Clifton House focuses on celebrating multi-culturalism and diversity.

In addition to providing seniors care for those that are unable to afford it, The Brenda Strafford Foundation is integrating community programming into their new research-focused development to make it a truly community-based “village”, the first of its kind in Calgary. The METAFOR team believed this project had the potential of becoming a key catalyst for urban renewal in the neighbourhood so the design vision for the building was a series of small “villages” in a larger community.

  • Seniors
Year Completed
  • Calgary, AB

The Brenda Strafford Foundation

Prime Consultant
Clark Builders
± 150,105 ft²
±$43.5 Million
Awards + LEED Certifications
LEED® Gold & A4LE Alberta Chapter Award Honourable Mention

    The inclusion of street facing commercial tenant spaces, is also fused into the interior programming. The project has a revenue generating component, while extending outwards towards the street and surrounding community within Clifton House.

    This project was designed in alignment with the 2019 Alberta Building Code and the 2017 NECB in advance of its implementation. In addition, the project team actively engaged with the City to address all issues in a collaborative and transparent process. This included, pre-UDRP reviews, continual engagement with the administration, and the counsellor's office. Although the program for this project had very specific requirements that might have limited the extent of how far the design could be taken, the preliminary review process with the City allowed METAFOR to walk-through the various elements that were tied to specific program requirements and those where we had some flexibility to ensure the best addition to the community. This proactive approach allowed us to develop a productive and strong working relationship with the City and its various departments, thus ensuring the successful delivery of the project for our client and the community it serves.

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